Word for this month...

Alright folks.

As mentioned in this post the word for this month is "Surrender".

Betsy sent me a list of words she had settled upon and I sent her some of mine. She said I could choose first and Surrender practically climbed on top of the other words in its attempt to get my attention. Which, in my opinion, wasn't very surrender-y of it.

There it stood, waving and falling all over itself, while I pretended not to see it. I tickled the other words, trying to get them to wake up and most would only roll over and open one eye, their expressions all but saying, "Meh."

I got the hint.

I surrendered to the capital "S" Surrender.

Before it becomes May, I shall post here whatever creative creativity blooms out of me after I've had time to chat with Surrender and get to know it a bit better. I have a feeling it's going to teach me quite a lot.

In other words and completely unrelated, I am currently sitting in a bagel & coffee shop on 8th Avenue and 25th street in New York. This picture does not adequately show how much cream cheese is on my bagel. There appears to be an entire TUB of the stuff on it. My expression is to show my concern. My concern over where that cream cheese will go once I eat it. Later on, in hindsight, meaning when I'm sighting my hind, I'll see exactly where it went.

Anyone else want to join this ride? If so, when the time comes and I post my Surrender related bit, put a link to yours in the comments and I'll make a list and we can all see. I think that would be fun. Maybe not as much fun as a whole huge room full of really bouncy mattresses but it would be close.

"Prince Humperdink: 'Surrender!'
Westley: 'You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well then, I accept.'"
The Princess Bride