Analog vs. Digital

Zack and I have a friend named Billy. He's another one of those lifetime friends. The stuff we've been through together is kind of remarkable when I look back on it. But that's neither here nor there right now. That's a post for another time. Or a couple of chapters in a book. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Billy manages to blog even less frequently than I do, but when he does it's always good and his latest blog post brings up a question that I have been proverbially masticating* on for a while now.

Print or PDF? Analog over Digital? Book over E-Book? Go read Billy's post so that my rantings will make a bit more sense. ;-)

Will books go the way of vinyl records? Sure, still around, but for a small group of people who look upon them with nostalgia and collect them and say things like,

"There's just a warmth I get from them as opposed to listening to a CD or an mp3."

I, for one, find it strange. Who would rather read a book on a machine? Who wouldn't want to hold a BOOK? And don't give me the malarky about saving the environment or trees or what not. Go watch Tapped first and let's get that sorted before we start tackling the paper in books.

So. What do you think?

Are you more analog or digital?