Do you know the Muffin Man?

Good afternoon, gentle readers.

(I know,  there I go with the gentle readers again.  Blame Mark Sam Twain Clemens. If he wasn't so darn inspiring.)

I am writing these words from a flat in London, on Drury Lane, sitting at a little round table, by an open window that has long, floor length curtains that are currently gently blowing in the breeze. I have a cup of tea to my left, a sleeping baby in the bedroom and a husband off teaching 15 people something he is very, very fervent about - the craft of photography.

I do wish my sisters were here because having my sisters around makes everything instantly one hundred times better simply because.

You know what I taught myself today?  That putting in one too many bottles of water into a shopping basket, that is hanging on the handle of one's stroller/pram will cause it to topple over backwards.  This will send the contents of one's shopping basket rolling every which way, might even cause one to shriek loudly so that anyone within 20 feet will stop and stare and will cause one's baby to yell "UH OH!" and start laughing hysterically.

Yes, this happened to me.  In a Sainsbury's on High Holborn and Kingsway and when I left one poor fellow was still trying to get loose blueberries out from underneath where the soups are kept.


I sat for a while remembering the Twin Towers and shaking my head over all of the nonsense in media right now about the crazy old pastor in Florida.  Such a surreal thing to think that a man could hold such sway, hmmm?  Had he been ignored in the first place, had the media not taken his bait, none of this would be such an issue!



This blog post is about as boring as they come.  I'm going to stop now and get to writing some other stuff over here in this other place that I have on this laptop.

I hope everyone is well.

Any recommendations of places to see and things to do while I'm here?  This is my first time and I'd love some insight.