Cinema Eyes

Just thought I'd share with you the first recording I ever made. I recorded the vocals in a closet that held all of our church's sound equipment. My friend, Billy, and I hung up rugs to help muffle the noise in there. Needless to say I sneezed a lot.

Cinema Eyes is the first song off of the Cinema Eyes EP that I released back in 2005.

A lifetime ago. Or five years. Another life ago. So much has changed since then.

Click to listen to it here

The music I'm writing now is worlds different, at least, it seems so to me. Which makes sense given the different sort of world I live in these days.

And yes, I'm writing music now.

We're on speaking terms again, my music and I. We're still shy around each other, awkward in conversation, not sure what to do with our hands but we're trying and that is a very very very good thing.

"I sing like I feel." ~ Ella Fitzgerald