Department of Driver Services

As I type this as I am being sadly serenaded by the woefully bad hold music of the DeKalb County Recorders Court.

I cleverly managed to procure a speeding ticket on the way to having tea with my sister, Erin, and my friend, Kara Sutton way back in July. Erin was with me when it went down. I was deeply into a heated story involving something that happened with my...a person who is my (muffle muffle asdfhljd) and wasn't paying attention to the speedometer and then,

"Oh no. Tell me those lights aren't for me."

They were.

I'm notoriously bad at getting speeding tickets. Going fast is more fun than going slow. I know that that isn't RIGHT. It's not that I am blantantly giving the "man" the finger or that I don't care, I'm just...thinking about other stuff I guess. It's not malicious is my point.

Anyway, shortly after that we left for Australia and the boys started school right after we got back and our new employee started working for us and we were in meetings for the restructuring of UsedFilm Studios and then we had a OneLight Workshop and Zack and I started working out and somewhere in all of that I was apparently supposed to show up to court to pay my ticket.

I didn't.

I forgot about it.

So, today, in the mail, I received a very official notice stating that my driver's license is about to be suspended for failing to appear in court.

Ick. This arrived in the mail right after I had just come back from the YMCA where NOTHING happened even though it was SUPPOSED to. Namely I was supposed to have had my Fitlinxx appointment where the trainer person sets up the weight machines to remember who I am when I put a personalized pin number in them. It's very high tech for this analog girl, I gotta tell you. Anyway, I went rushing in there to drop off Hawke to make it to this appointment only to be told by the childcare ladies that they were closing. I about lost it right there because I was still getting over the migraine that I woke up with this morning and I dragged myself out of the house in an attempt to thwart my stupid head from ruining my day.

(deep breath)

And THEN I called Zack to lament about it and he was busy or something and wasn't LISTENING to me and I felt like he was bored or something so I did the very mature and grown up thing and HUNG UP ON HIM.

I know. I'm (cough) awesome.

I can't tell you why I did that other than it's possible I was momentarily reduced to having the behaviour responses of my eight year old self due to a flux in the barometric levels shifting on Clairemont Avenue.

Hang on, amazingly enough a person has come on the line.



I just have to pay a fine of something something (ouch) and my license won't be suspended. I'm really fine with that. The suspension part. Not the fine part. The fine part is not fine at all.

Hawke is now fussing because I made him lay down on his stomach. I am an EEVEEL mother for subjecting him to such a torturous endeavor.

Off to make the humble pie I'll be eating when Zack gets home...