Royskopp and...stuff.

Watch this, if you have time. If you feel like it.

What Else Is There?

I have this song in my head a lot these days. I find myself humming it at all times. I am pleased because I usually have either,

"All BYYYYY myself..." or "I wanna know what love IIISSSSS..."

At any point, when I stop, and nothing is in my head, one of these two songs will rise up in my brain and I will start singing them. There are even times when I inadevertantly combine them and it ends up being,

"I wanna know what love is all by myself..." and then I catch myself, and look around, and hope that no one has heard me because, let's face it, it sounds...odd.

If I could I would write more here. But my time for writing has been usurped by...oh LIFE. This is a good thing. Much better that than not writing merely because nothing happens and therefore have nothing to share.

Right now Zack and I have been beautifully consumed by this:

Dope, Soap and Hope

There is more to the story and if you have time, I recommend that you go back a blog post on Zack's blog to get more perspective.

My piano and I are on speaking terms again. Not that we meant to stop speaking to each other, but it became harder and harder to hang out because so much time had passed and, like in life ( I know you know what I mean ), how do you START again? It feels awkward and overwhelming. Does that make sense? I laid my fingers on the keys and let a little song play out and shyly we made amends and left me grinning at how stupid I was to let so much time go by.

I wish I could get over my insecurities enough to do this in real life.

I adore my husband. I am madly in love with my husband. I never, ever thought I would know what it is like to be in a marriage that inspires me and spurs me on and would be filled with so much joy.

Joy. I have joy. I am stupid busy and my life has been dramatically changed and flipped upside down and shaken up but it's the best sort of earthquake I didn't know I needed.

Just wanted to put that out there.