"Said Goodbye to Dad today"

My husband, Zack, wrote this blog post just a bit ago and I decided to repost it here.

I'm going to go play the piano for a bit and work some of my grief out through my fingers.

So many of you have written, called, and commented I feel the need to let you know that Dad passed on from this life and into the next one this morning. I was very fortunate to have been by his side. My father was strong. He fought the good fight and the doctors and staff at Emory University Hospital could not have given him any better care.

The hero in all of this is my step-mother Elaine. She stood by her man. She loved my father so deeply and so passionately. She is strong and beautiful and is going to miss my father so much. They had such a beautiful life. She adored my father.

Thank you to all of you who have been thinking of us and praying for us. Thank you for all the support all of you, known and unknown, have given to us. My entire family appreciates all of your emails, comments, and messages. Dad is in heaven. The rest of us are still paying rent.

And to find a smile in all of this….

Let the southern good ol’ fashioned church lady casserole pot luck begin. I don’t know what ya’ll do elsewhere in the country, but when we die in the south, we make some damn good food.

Now, go love on your family while you still have them and while they still have you.


Again…. Thank you everyone.