Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the song that Zack used for his short film, "Edit::Transform"...

You can only get it via podcast here as I intend to use this blog as a place to share new songs as I write them. You can give me feedback and then they might make onto an actual record. (I'm working on another right now...)

Under the Advanced tab in iTunes click on "Subscribe to podcast" the URL is --

You should be able to download it that way...

The song itself is only 5 minutes or so long and was recorded on a whim one night with my bandmates about a year and half ago. I found it not too long ago and shared it with Zack and he flipped out and asked me to email it to him.

The next thing I know he's made a film. ;-) I didn't know how or what he was going to use the song for. I was blown away.

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