My Husband

This will not be a very long post, merely because I do not want to bore and/or nauseate any of my readers...


I have such overwhelming gratitude and love and joy and respect for my husband, Zachary Brandon Arias.

My heavenly Father loved me enough to bless me with an amazing man. He is everything I ever wanted and then some. He has shown me Jesus more than anyone else ever has. The way he treats me and loves me and cares for me and covers me...I am humbled by it all.

Right now Zack isn't doing anything terribly remarkable. He's sitting across from me, typing away on his computer, looking adorable and muttering to himself about the woes and trials of Facebook. From my vantage point I can clearly see the tattoo on his right forearm, of the eagle rising up from bones, and the words from my song, "Made For Glory".

I was reading a blog post earlier that Kris McDaniel, a man I highly respect and love, wrote where he was talking about how one can have a romantic love, but it's only after a long time, the settling in, that that love becomes deep and true. I agree with this. It's a wonderful post, you should go and read it.

But it got me to thinking, I wonder if some people, because of past experiences, are more able to love deeply and truly because of the gratitude for what they have now? When one has been through hell and back, been through the wringer and then is blessed to come to a place where they are unconditionally and irrevocably loved, the gratefulness, the humility, is indescribable. A bit like being forever thirsty and finally having water. A bit like never having warmth and finally having a fire. I doubt that those who longed for water or warmth will ever take it for granted again.

I say this because it is true for me. Whenever I get pissy or moody or downright WRETCHED, which happens, suprsingly ;-) I remind myself that when I was undeserving, when I thought that I was damaged goods because I couldn't hold on any longer, when I thought that I was doomed to be an outsider the Lord redeemed me and loved me and restored my heart and gave me a man who is absolutely the most wonderful person in the world for me. I pray that I have as many years as I can with this man to be able to love him in the best way that I can.

The End