Happily In Shock...

I have been married to Zack Arias now for one month and twelve days.

It's awesome.

We were unlucky in that I started my...ahem...punctuation, the DAY after we got married. Five whole days of, "We're married! YES! Oh wait...just hang in there..."

Has anyone seen the commercial where Mother Earth, dressed in a snazzy suit, keeps trying to give some vacationing girls a "present". Upon their refusal she sighs, looks about and then squeals, "Oh look! A newlywed couple!" and runs off gleefully.

That happened to us.

But then, and sorry to be so blunt, we got down to BUSINESS. ;-)

We still found time to move into a new house, get the boys rooms set up, school supplies, the OneLight DVD launched, my Dad's birthday, some friends over for dinner, etc. Then we were off to the west coast on August 8th.

This was the time line from that point on, and bear with me, this is going to be boring, but I need to do this for myself!

August 8th -- Flew into Seattle, couldn't find a hotel, ended up at the 6th Avenue Inn, it was awful
August 9th -- Moved to the Hotel Andra, it was AMAZING, I had a show/house concert in Arlington, WA
August 10th -- the OneLight workshop mixer/party in Downtown Seattle
August 11th -- the OneLight workshop at the Mars Hill Downtown Campus
August 12th -- drove the rental car down to Portland, had the OneLight workshop mixer in Portland (stayed with Boone and Jacqi the whole time in Portland)
August 13th and 14th -- OneLight Workshop in Portland (I basically LIVED in Powell's bookstore and ate Sushi everyday)
August 15th -- Tried to drive back to Seattle but traffic was bad so we drove up the coast of Oregon, stayed the night in a hotel near the coast
August 16th -- Had another house concert in Maple Valley, WA (stayed with the couple who threw the concert)
August 17th -- Zack flies home to the ATL and I fly to San Diego
August 18th -- I had a day in San Diego
August 19th -- Picked up Michael (my guitarist) from the airport, show at the House of Blues that night
August 20th -- Show North of Hollywood at the Canyon Club
August 21st -- Day off in LA hung out with Noah (my drummer) and his wife Courtney and Michael
August 22nd -- Show in Hollywood at the The Key Club
August 23rd -- Show in San Francisco at Cafe Du Nord
August 24th -- DRIVING DAY. Drove all the way from San Fran to Seattle
August 25th -- Show in Seattle at the Triple Door, I find out that my step-dad had passed away, I was upset that I wouldn't make it to Craig's funeral
August 26th -- Show in Portland at the Aladdin Theatre, was having a hard time composing myself, couldn't stop crying about Craig
August 27th -- flew home, 6 am flight, come home to an empty house as Zack is in North Carolina with family for Craig's funeral
August 28th -- Picked Phoenix up from school! Zack came home around 6pm. It was so good to be with my two favourite people again.
August 29th -- Phoenix and I leave for Destin, Florida for the Singles Retreat I was asked to play for. DIDN'T WANT TO GO. Show was very hard. Felt like I was playing background music for a "christian" meat market. Noticed how much everything SMELLED. And my mammaries were hurting. Moody. Thought I was about to "start"...you know, the punctuation.
August 30 -- Drove home, got there around 6pm and was EXHAUSTED, more than usual. Fell asleep right away.
August 31st -- Zack shoots a wedding all day. I start to suspect that I may not be getting that kind of punctuation. Not a period, an exclamation point! After I put Nix to bed I did a pregnancy test. It was 10pm. No question. It was positive. I started to freak out in a good way. And cry in a good way. And thank the Lord!

Okay. Out of logging mode and back into writing mode.

When Zack came home I had a martini waiting for him and as he came into the kitchen I said,

"Close your eyes and hold out your hands, I have something for you."

I placed the test in his hands, "Okay, open your eyes."

He stared down at the test and I watched as a perplexed look crossed his face, then comprehension, then shock and he looked up at me,

"Really? Seriously? Wow! How...really?"

Later on, as we were getting ready to go to sleep, he rolled over and nuzzled me saying,

"I'm a viral man!"

"No honey, you're virile, not viral!"

I figure I'm about 5 weeks along, not far at all really. But goodness gracious am I already starting to feel it!

I cannot express how thrilled I am. I thought I couldn't have any more kids. I've had two miscarriages since Phoenix and part of me won't really relax until I'm at least 12 weeks.


Phoenix was overjoyed when we told he and Caleb. He teared up and ran to me laughing and crowing,

"You're pregnant, you're pregnant! I'm going to have a sister!"

He wants for me to have a girl, too.

Caleb wants me to have a boy.

Zack? He keeps saying, "I make boys."

I really want to prove him wrong! ;-)

I took another one the next morning, Labor Day actually, just to be sure.

Yup. I'm pregnant.

I am beside myself with joy!