What I did on Monday...

...is something I've heard about. I've read about it. I've seen it on screens. But Monday was my day.

I'm sitting in a darling house in the City of Decatur. It's raining outside and I am sitting right at the front door in order to capitalize on the free wi-fi signal floating about. This is a four bedroom, two bath, ADORABLE house that I found and Zack and I both fell in love with it. But we didn't want to shack up together. And we have been talking about getting married for a year now. We took things slowly. We went to some counseling. Shook our heads in amazement at how bizarre, and yet lovely, life is that he and I found each other. We know we're an anomaly. We feel like we "live outside the city gates" because of our relationship and yet we're so much in love with each other ( and not just the googly-eyed kind of love, nay this is DEEP, although Zack does makes me weak in the knees) and so grateful, too.

Saturday Zack proposed to me.

Monday we were married.

We're having a "real" party and ceremony on October 10th for our friends and family. We wanted to go ahead and get moved in and get the boys settled before they start school and I head off for my west coast tour in August. For all two people who read this blog, you're more than welcome to come! Just let me know and I'll give you the details.

Life is such an adventure!

I thank God everyday for Zack Arias. And now, he is my husband. And I am his wife.

I am Meghan Arias.

It feels like home.