A Duet

I came across this poem whilst on Poetry Magazine and LOVED this man's writing style. Brilliant.

A Duet
by Kevin McFadden

Art was long.
Paul was short.
Art sang the song.
Paul was the sort

who made one up
as if from air.
Paul had more gift.
Art had more hair—

which isn't to take
away from Arts.
Many sing well
if someone starts,

and it robs no Simon
to get paid like Paul.
Along was Art's way
to be singing at all.

If Paul robbed some,
it's harder revealing.
What stuck in his mind,
he stuck to concealing

so koo-koo-ka-choo
would stick in our heads.
It wasn't Garfunkel,
someone said Simon said

when they parted acts.
Debts one forgets.
Acoustic is fraught
with strings over frets,

taken together,
taken apart.
Paul lifting from life.
Life lifting from Art.