I am a very bad blogger person...

...rather, I am bad at blogging.

As a PERSON I am not so bad.

At least, I think.

This is what is swirling around in my head at this very moment:

Flowers in pots.
Why is Phoenix pooping in his pants?
A longing for Key Lime Pie.
A longing to be a skinny girl.
A longing to just realise that I will never be a skinny girl and to stop longing for it.
Wishing I was deeper than wishing to be skinny.
Reading Lolita in Tehran.
I hate being in limbo, my back is breaking from this limbo.
I want to dance the Tango, in high heels, with sweat trickling down my back.
Feeling dizzy, literally and figuratively.
Horny. I'm really horny.
Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have written that, but ah...it's true.
What shall I make for dinner?
I'm getting my hairs cut tomorrow and this makes me very happy.
I miss being eight years old.
I like my pretty dress.
Trying to stop using the word "love" with everything. I don't "love" everything, I really LIKE things, I am fond of, for instance, Newcastle Brown Ale but I don't LOVE it. Well, maybe I DO love it...
I want to build my own recording studio.
I wish I could learn how to be more content.

I feel too much.