New Songs...

...two of them today.

Bus Stop

VS 1)
I wrote a sonnet
In blue ink, on the bus stop.
We watched the snowing
With the sun so warm on our backs.
Watched your lips moving
As you tugged on your sweater
Sleeve and wondered aloud,
"What should we do?"

It was the calling birds
Who brightened up that day.
It was the minstrel man
Who passed along the way
At the bus stop downtown.

VS 2)
Sat in a diner
Our feet outstretched, on the bench.
We watched the people
With our chins cupped in our hands.
Talked of the future
As you tugged on your sweater
Sleeve and wondered aloud,
"What will we do?"


Musings (I don't really have a title quite honestly, as per usual, this will have to do...)

VS 1)
I am scared and recognise these patterns
Fending off these dragons as best I can.
I have come up with several reasons why
This feels like it is all falling apart.

VS 2)
Catch a breath and try to rest
From years of flying much too fast to really heal.
Some would say to run and some would say to stay
But in the end it's you I'll fight for.

Now, I'm wrapping up the scene and waiting for you.
Now, I'm writing down these words and waiting for you.
Now, I'm hoping you'll be there when this is done.
I hope you're coming for me.

VS 3)
This road we have walked never made sense
And times I was so lost in the dark.
Can you see the homelights burning
Calling us to lay aside our weary hearts?


Oh be brave...