...we leave for it in about 7 hours. I'm still up as I've been packing a bit. Most of my laundry is over at Zack's and I will throw the rest of the things I need in the suitcase in the morning.

We had a good talk with the boys tonight. Caleb in all of his "too cool for school" attitude and Phoenix in his sweet, albeit but "I've been told I'm really smart my whole life and I AM really smart but it can come off as snotty to others" attitude.

Such different boys those two. Caleb explained that Phoenix has embarrassed him and Phoenix said that Caleb has repeatedly hurt his feelings. More was said and explained and shared and in the end they shook hands and agreed to be kinder to each other.

On the porch later on Zack and I talked about how proud we are of our boys. And, in a lot of ways, they act just like siblings. Their behaviour, i.e. the playing fine, having a blast morphing into tears and picking on each other, is quite normal.

We're preparing to blend this family and I'm equal parts excited and overwhelmed.

I am such a lucky girl.

If grace is an ocean, then I'm drowning in it.