Picture this
In the dark,
The tiniest of sparks.
Gossamer mercy wings,
A holy moment made.
And that shame,
When called out for covering,
Did go, fleeing,
At the mention of His name.

Imagine this,
In the night,
A ray of solid grace.
Gossamer mercy wings,
A touch upon the face.
And that pain,
When called out for a sign of some kind,
Did go, quickly,
At the whisper of His name.

Carry this,
In the light,
The bread of His words.
Gossamer mercy wings,
The cleansing of His blood.
And that heart,
When called out from hiding by Him,
Did go, flying,
At the singing of His name.

I'm a temporal being filled with longing for Your ever after.
I'm a fleeting moment yet still you've chosen to hold me in Your presence.