My life is speeding up.

Today I turn 29.

How is this possible?

29 used to be so OLD.

And yet I still fumble for words and feel silly talking 99.999% of the time, I still get scared of the dark and check behind the shower curtain when I have to use the bathroom. I still look for faces in random places, (everywhere really, in the patterns of leaves, in the plaster on the ceiling, in the people passing...), I still get excited about ice cream in a cone, and feel remarkably happy when going through an automated car wash.

What a remarkable thing to realise that I will never cease to be myself. Just a slightly wiser version.


May I just say that Zack Arias is the most amazing man ever?

He flew my best friend in from Vancouver for my birthday AND gave me an iPod for my birthday AND he's throwing me a party at his studio, and so much more.

I'm not used to feeling so cared for. I'm not used to having someone be so extravagant towards me.

I'm so blessed.